Easy 5 step plan to reduce your PTAC and HVAC maintenance struggle

Easy 5 step plan to reduce your PTAC and HVAC maintenance struggle

In the midst of running a hotel, PTAC and HVAC maintenance is certainly not often a top priority. But without scheduling and conducting a thorough maintenance check, PTAC and HVAC systems can deteriorate over time and lead to poor air quality, increased energy bills and damage to your property.

"One big mistake hotels make is not evenly or consistently doing preventative maintenance," Scott Schaedle, founder and president of Quore, told Hotel Management magazine. "If you do guestroom maintenance once per quarter, that is 90 days between each inspection. But if you inspect a room on the first day of Q1, and the same room again on the last day of Q2, that's 180 days between inspections."

A lot can happen in 180 days. But you can reduce your risk by following this five-step plan to improve your regular PTAC and HVAC maintenance.

  1. Schedule more frequent maintenance checks. Schedule bi-monthly PTAC and HVAC maintenance system inspections to reduce the potential of significant issues that are expensive to fix. You can save up to 40% on your HVAC maintenance costs by conducting regular upkeep.
  2. Set up maintenance reminders and record system. If you're running an independently owned hotel, complex operations software may not be in the budget. So more affordable software products like ManagerPlus, FIIX and OpenMAINT are built to help you manage maintenance requests, track maintenance records and much more.
  3. Use an HVAC maintenance checklist. Your maintenance and cleaning crews don't need rely on memory for PTAC and HVAC maintenance equipment status. Upload directly into your maintenance record system, or embed it directly into the maintenance program. Alternately, create a uniform checklist to help employees track the status.
  4. Invest in a HVAC maintenance program. For more PTAC and HVAC maintenance security, consider investing in a maintenance agreement with a licensed contractor.
  5. Buy an ENERGY STAR® PTAC and HVAC system. Consider buying an ENERGY STAR PTAC and HVAC system when yours is no longer optimally operating, and your energy and maintenance costs are increasing. The new system investment can save money, reduce downtime, and improve the customer experience.