Drive down energy costs with Energy Watch

Person holding a light bulb

Making energy-efficient upgrades can be costly and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. The Energy Watch Program is making it easier and more affordable for businesses like yours to complete energy efficiency upgrades. Here’s how one local car dealership accelerated energy savings with the Energy Watch Program.

Lighting upgrades engineered for savings

With the help of the Fresno Energy Watch Program, Michael Automotive replaced 1,109 lighting fixtures with 3,116 fluorescent bulbs with LED lighting, installed two vending miser sensors for its vending machines and replaced eight metal halide high bays with LED high bays. The cost for the project was just over $122,000. While those initial costs seem high, this is where PG&E’s incentives helped defray some of the expenses.

Optimizing incentives to receive $93,000

The Energy Watch Program helps local businesses take advantage of all applicable financial incentives for their upgrade. In this case, the program helped Michael Automotive secure $93,000 in PG&E incentives, lowering the total cost of the project to $29,000.

For these improvements, Michael Automotive earned The 2016 Energy Champion Award for its energy efficiency leadership in the area. Your business can be a success story, too, by taking advantage of the Energy Watch Program in your community.

Streamlined services

Through a simple three-step process, the Energy Watch Program can help you complete your upgrades stress-free:

  • No- to low-cost energy assessment: Once you schedule your onsite assessment, an Energy Watch Program project manager will evaluate your facility and provide recommendations on efficiency upgrades.
  • Professional installation: The program will connect you with reputable installers or licensed technicians who will complete your upgrades.
  • Quality inspection: After installation, your project manager will inspect your equipment and double check that everything is functioning as it should. You’ll also get a final energy report that includes the upgrades installed and the projected savings.

Built-in benefits

Along with an easy three-step process to upgrade your facility, these benefits come standards with the Energy Watch Program:


  • Financial incentives: Your Energy Watch Program project manager and the approved installer will help you take advantage of every rebate you qualify for. You may also be eligible for 0% interest financing through PG&E’s Energy Efficiency Financing program – no credit check required.
  • Warranties: Energy Watch Programs provide a one-year warranty for the newly installed equipment. If anything installed by the program malfunctions during that time, the program will repair it at no cost to you.

Ready to improve your company’s bottom line? Find the Energy Watch Programs in your area.