Strengthen Your Customers' Bottom Line with Air Conditioning Economizers

person working on HVAC unit

Every business owner wants to save money on operating costs, especially energy bills. Yet, few of them know about one of the most effective tools for reducing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) expenses.

Installing an air conditioning economizer reduces energy consumption, provides cleaner indoor air and it can save a business 20% a year on utility bills.1 As a PG&E trade professional, introducing the air conditioning economizer to your business customers will make you seem like a financial and environmental wizard, as you help them create a cleaner, less expensive, more efficient workplace.

Solving air conditioning problems

Standard air conditioning systems create several problems. The air they provide often feels artificial and dirty, and it can lead to employee and customer health problems if the system isn’t properly maintained. Older systems also leave a large carbon footprint, operate inefficiently and make managing indoor temperatures a hassle. Every business owner would love to reduce or eliminate those problems, and the air conditioning economizer is the perfect solution.

Defining air conditioning economizers

The name – air conditioning economizer – can sound intimidating to someone who isn’t an HVAC contractor, but what it does is actually quite simple. Communicating that simplicity in a straightforward manner is the key to getting a potential customer interested in adding it to their business.

An air conditioning economizer is an automatic control system that allows cool outside air into a building to cool it more naturally. The keywords are “automatic,” “control” and “naturally.” Focus on the facts that air conditioning economizers are easy to use (automatic), provide greater control of indoor temperatures and energy consumption, and can improve indoor air quality using natural outside air. These are three simple yet important ideas that most business owners will greatly appreciate.

Benefits of air conditioning economizers

Businesses that rely heavily on indoor cooling can save hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars by switching to air conditioning economizers.2 Data centers and companies that have refrigerated storage areas can improve business energy efficiency the most by installing economizers.

For businesses with more conventional cooling needs, there are still many benefits to installing air conditioning economizers. Communicate these benefits to customers in the simplest way possible so they know exactly what to expect. The added benefits include:

  • Cleaner indoor air: The outside air that is used to cool the building is fresher and cleaner, which creates a more comfortable environment for employees and customers.
  • Indoor temperature management: The days of arguing over temperature settings are over.
  • Operational efficiency: Energy efficiency is operational efficiency.
  • Lower carbon footprint: Making a business greener leads to greater customer and employee satisfaction.

Stay ahead of the curve

Technology is advancing rapidly, while government regulations on energy efficiency are also constantly being modified. Adding an air conditioning economizer helps businesses stay ahead of the competition and any new government requirements.3

An air conditioning economizer represents a sound business investment. By staying ahead of the curve with an air conditioning economizer, business owners can avoid a lot of hassle and future spending when advanced control systems become standard and/or new government regulations require their use.

The importance of working with an HVAC contractor

Without the help of a qualified trade professional, many of the benefits of an air conditioning economizer may be lost. It’s important that business owners are aware of air conditioning economizer technology and the ways to take the greatest advantage of it.

Installation and maintenance make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting the most out of any major piece of equipment. Air conditioning economizers are no different.

Present yourself as a part of the air conditioning economizer package. Emphasize how you can ensure proper installation, teach the business owner and his or her employees how to use the system and keep it maintained going forward. Here are some additional articles that highlight or reference economizer technology:


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