Attention Trade Professionals

Attention Trade Professionals,

This summer and fall, PG&E marketing has been doing some outreach to food service and hospitality customers to promote ways to become more energy efficient. Communication has focused on PG&E rebates available for installing more efficient equipment as well as available 0% energy efficiency financing. We wanted to let you know about this outreach so you can sufficiently capitalize on the increased customer awareness and utilize these efforts to your advantage.

Restaurants and other commercial kitchens are very energy intensive and existing equipment is often outdated and inefficient, and therefore costly in the form of high energy and water usage. From cooking appliances and refrigerators to spray valves and more, there are numerous opportunities to upgrade. Some specific messaging for this marketing effort has focused on identifying and replacing such appliances along with corresponding rebates and 0% energy efficiency financing.

Food service and hospitality customers have been targeted across PG&E territory. The goal is to educate and engage them on the significant energy/water savings opportunities and to act now by offering solutions to cost barriers with rebates and financing. A multi-touch email campaign highlighting various technologies has been deployed starting in August and will be followed up with a food service-focused newsletter in October. Featured rebates to be communicated are listed below along with a list of qualified equipment for your reference. Learn more helpful tips from PG&E's free eBook Quick Service Restaurant Rebate Guide.

EquipmentPG&E RebatesBenefits

Commercial Steam Cookers

Electric: $1,850/steamer compartment

Gas: $2,500/steamer compartment

ENERGY STAR® certified steam cookers are highly efficient – with electric versions up to 50% more efficient than standard models and gas versions up to 38%. In addition to energy savings, they also save more water, using just 3 gallons per hour compared to the 40 gallons standard models use. Foods cook quickly and retain color, moisture and nutrients. That means food can get to hungry diners faster, reducing your ticket time.

Commercial Fryers

Electric: $650/vat

Gas: $749/vat

Want to decrease your cook time and increase your production rate? Turn to ENERGY-STAR fryers. They’re up to 30% more efficient than standard models and many have built-in oil filtration. A standard-sized electric fryer can save 1,100 kWh/year and a gas model can save 50 MBtu/year. That means smaller utility bills.


Electric: $150/linear ft.

Gas: $100/linear ft.

Lower your bill and greenhouse gas emissions with a new energy-efficient griddle. For quick, uniform cooking of a variety of foods, the griddle is your go-to appliance.

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV)

$700/exhaust fan hp

Opt for this technology, and you could save thousands each year. DCKV allows you to slow your exhaust fans to the lowest speed needed to clear the air, which means you use much less energy and get the same clean result. Plus, fans running at low speed reduce noise in your kitchen, something your kitchen staff is sure to appreciate.

Low-Flow Pre-Rinse Spray Valves

Gas: $35/valve

These save water and the natural gas it takes to heat the water. If you use three 1.6-gallon/minute, low-flow models, you can save about 66,000 gallons of hot water per year, resulting in annual costs savings of up to $1,000!

Auto-Closers for Walk-in Cooler or Freezer Doors


Never worry about someone accidentally leaving the door open again. Auto-closers make things easier for your employees and better for your food.

Insulated Holding Cabinets

Full Size: $750/unit

Half Size: $200/unit

These cabinets are 70% more efficient than standard, non-ENERGY STAR certified models. Install one of these, and you could save $300 a year! You’ll keep food warm without heating up your kitchen, as insulation maintains a uniform temperature and decreases heat loss.

Super-Efficient Ice Machines

Up to $500/unit

Whether you need thousands or hundreds of pounds of ice a day, there’s an energy-efficient machine that will get your food service operation the right amount of ice – using less water and electricity to do so.

The Trade Professional Alliance Team