Announcement for water heater and boiler contractors


PG&E's Midstream Water Heaters Equipment Incentive Program pays rebates to participating distributors who sell qualifying energy efficient boilers and water heaters. We want to make you aware that this program has been expanded as of July 1, 2016 to include the measures in the table below, which are also in the PG&E 2016 Boilers and Water Heating Rebate catalog that you can find by visiting

Qualifying EquipmentRebate Code(s)

Process Boilers

H11, H15

Direct Contact Water Heaters


Space Heating Boilers

HV015, HV016, HV018, HV019, HV023, HV025

What does this mean for me?

PG&E will not allow for 'double dipping' – paying a rebate twice for the same piece of equipment.  In order to secure a downstream rebate for your customers upon a qualifying installation, you need to first ensure that no midstream rebate was awarded for that piece of equipment further up the supply chain. If it was, the downstream rebate application will be denied once the unit’s serial number is run through the system.

How can I avoid this scenario?

If you purchase any of the above mentioned equipment from a participating distributor, you need to inform them it's for a project for which you are pursuing a PG&E downstream rebate on behalf of your customer. Otherwise, the distributor will submit for the midstream rebate and their invoice will reflect that the purchase does not qualify for a downstream rebate. The list of participating distributors is below. Even if you don’t see your distributor, you may still want to enquire whether they participate in the program in case they are a recent enrollee.

PG&E Midstream Water Heaters Equipment Incentive Program – Participating Distributors

  • Butte Pipe & Supply (Division of Hajoca Corp)
  • Cal-Steam Hayward
  • California Boiler, Inc.
  • California Hot Water Supply
  • California Hydronics Corp Hayward
  • Desert Industrial Supply Lancaster
  • Ferguson Enterprises Sacramento
  • Heat Transfer equipment Company
  • Heating & Cooling Supply
  • Johnstone Supply Fresno
  • Pace Supply Rohnert Park
  • Rubenstein Supply Company Oakland
  • Slakey Brothers
  • WHCI Plumbing Supply Union City

The Trade Professional Alliance Team