7 tips to keep cool at work

Keep cool at work during summer

Whether you’re in the office or onsite, stay cool this summer with these tips while controlling your energy costs.

  1. Stay hydrated. This is very important for avoiding heat stroke. Plus, drinking a cold beverage is refreshing and brings the body temperature down.
  2. Power down. Turn off equipment that is not being used. Computers, scanners, copiers and the like all generate heat. If they are not in use, turn them off.
  3. Turn off lights. Turn off unnecessary lighting. Not only does this help to keep an office cooler, it also reduces energy costs.
  4. Shades closed. Keep the blinds closed, especially if you’re near a window. Blocking the hot direct sunlight from entering your work area will keep the indoor temperature down.
  5. Keep vents clear. While a vital part of any heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system, vents are easily overlooked. Keep vents unobstructed to increase air circulation.
  6. Try a fan. Fans may be old-fashioned but are still a practical, inexpensive way to lower energy use. During milder temperatures, a fan can eliminate the need for air conditioning and keep a room cool for just a few cents per day. In the heat of summer, fans also help circulate air to keep you comfortable without cranking up the air conditioning.
  7. Clean air filters. Air filters tend to be out of sight, out of mind, but they should be changed every three months. This simple, do-it-yourself procedure will allow more air to flow through your system and result in lower operating costs.

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