10 ways to save on your HVAC

5 simple steps towards the road to HVAC energy efficiency

Yes, it’s true.

Many business owners might not realize that HVAC accounts for an alarming 39% of their building’s energy consumption, on average.1 In other words, simply keeping a commercial building somewhat comfortable can eat up nearly half of an average business’s utility bills. That is a large expenditure no matter the size of the business.

One way to take a large bite out of that expense is to implement energy efficient HVAC projects. Unfortunately, many business owners shy away from switching to energy efficient HVAC systems, equipment and practices because they think it will be too costly or time-consuming.

However, by following these 5 easy steps, you’ll be on the road to energy efficiency and your business will operate more efficiently saving you time and money.

  1. Check the ducts. This simple first step involves making sure the air flow is adequate to provide the designed heating and cooling capacity, and that air ducts aren’t leaking. Undersize, or poorly installed ducts reduce system capacity. Leaky ducts can be a quiet, and rather significant, energy-waster. Working on their own or in conjunction with an HVAC contractor, business owners and managers can check their ducts and add insulation where necessary.
  2. Make sure HVAC equipment is the proper size. Whether or not energy efficiency is a primary goal, sooner or later every business is going to have to replace or upgrade HVAC equipment. When doing so, work with an HVAC contractor to make sure the equipment being installed is the proper size for the building and the specific needs of your business.
  3. Educate employees about HVAC best practices. Teach workers how to use new equipment and employ new techniques to more effectively manage energy consumption. Consider incentivizing them or making a game out of energy efficiency in order to get them on board.
  4. Switch to air-side economizers. By using cool outside air to lower temperatures inside a building, air-side economizers reduce HVAC loads and maintenance requirements while improving HVAC system performance and longevity. This is an exciting new technology that is quickly revolutionizing indoor air conditioning.

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