Submit, track and manage applications for gas and electric service online

Customer Connections Online can help you keep your project on track. With this online tool, you can submit, track and manage applications for gas and electric service quickly and conveniently. You can also easily apply for new or upgraded service. SIGN UP NOW FOR CUSTOMER CONNECTIONS


Discover key benefits of Customer Connections Online

Customer Connections Online makes it easy to update or start your service with the following features:

  • Fast application process for gas and electric service
  • Convenient dashboard that helps you track your applications
  • Rapid document upload
  • Drop-down menus that make it easy to find information
  • Project status updates by text, email or phone
  • Ready access to PG&E representatives


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Use our handy online tool to pay your project fees. You’ll put your projects on the fast track when you submit payments for invoices and contracts with a free e-check bank transfer.


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