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PG&E Electric and Gas Service Requirements, also called the Greenbook, contains the minimum utility requirements for establishing gas or electric service to new or remodeled customer installations. The Greenbook is helpful for the following professionals:

  • Architects.
  • Engineers.
  • Electrical contractors.
  • Plumbing contractors.
  • City and county officials.
  • Electrical equipment manufacturers.

The Greenbook is available online and in print at your local Service Planning office.

Information and requirements in the Greenbook change over time. We update the online version of the Greenbook as changes occur, and we update the printed manual at each scheduled printing cycle. We recommend that you refer to the online version for the most current information.

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Access the online version of the complete Greenbook.

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PLEASE NOTE: You must coordinate all building and renovation services projects through your local PG&E representative before finalizing your project plans. PG&E Building and Renovation Services can help you ensure that your plans meet the most current PG&E requirements.

You or your contractor can also read the following popular Greenbook topics.

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