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Choose a guide

Our Getting Started guides walk you through the process of installing your gas and/or electric services.

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Manage your project

Learn how this online tool can make it easy for you to submit, track and manage applications for gas and electric services.

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Compare rate options

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Get estimates

Project costs can vary greatly, depending on the extent of the project, site conditions and other factors. Estimate your costs.

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Use our Permit Office Locator

Find the location of your local planning and building departments for permits, inspections and regulations.

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Excess flow valves

An excess flow valve (EFV) automatically closes and significantly restricts unplanned or excessive natural gas flows if a pipeline is severed by digging. Download EFV information (PDF, 118 KB), and then complete your application in Customer Connections Online.

View frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Visit frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Get more information about everything from how to schedule a site visit and set up temporary power to details about load requirements.

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