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Trade Professionals: To be added to PG&E's Trade Professional Alliance Online Directory, you must be enrolled in the Trade Professional Alliance and must have at least one completed project within PG&E's Energy Management Programs within the last 12 months from the enrollment date. In addition, you must offer the products and perform the services you have indicated in your TPA profile (only data around products and services completed will be displayed). To enroll in the Trade Professional Alliance, you may download and submit the Trade Professional Alliance Guidelines and Enrollment Application. For more information, please visit our Trade Professionals website.

DISCLAIMER: PG&E does not recommend or endorse the vendors, or the products they offer. This information is provided simply as a convenience to business customers who wish assistance in locating vendors. Business customers are responsible for selecting the vendor they wish to use and are under no obligation to use these vendors or purchase their products. Vendors do not work for PG&E.