Decide on a business location

Our free, easy-to-use location services below can help. Find extensive demographic detail on towns, cities and counties in the areas we serve. Get information about potential competitors and customers by location. Connect with local economic development partners to help purchase a location, hire staff and more.

Do your research

Get demographic, labor force and consumer-spending information when you enter an address into PG&E data maps. Then, compare it to other potential locations.

Learn about location options

A sample of our data map

Sample image of one of PG&E's data maps with demographic, consumer spending and labor force information.

Talk to the experts

Discuss the details of a possible location with local experts. Understand pros and cons, permitting, hiring, facilities available for rent or purchase, and more.

Consult with local experts

Confirm energy availability

Verify that the PG&E distribution lines connected to your building have the capacity to support your plans, or if an upgrade is needed. Find out if a PG&E capacity upgrade that will affect your schedule and cost might be needed - review the map.

Check out the circuit capacity map

A sample of PG&E's circuit capacity data

A sample image of ICA Map

Understand the building and renovation process

After you've found a location, decide if you want to increase electric panel size, move meters, relocate electric or gas lines. Understanding the renovation process and involving PG&E early helps avoid delays.

Review the building and renovation application