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PG&E Medical Baseline Program Customer Enrollments (Jan 1 – Sept 30, 2021) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept YTD Total Start of Month Medical Baseline Program Customers 245,583 248,193 250,007 252,230 254,681 256,428 258,913 259,165 260,912 262,883 New Medical Baseline Program Customers 4,237 4,317 4,917 4,827 3,608 4,091 2,159 1,657 4,277 34,090 Medical Baseline Program Customers Removed8 1,627 2,503 2,694 2,376 1,861 2, ...

Last updated:  10-29-2021

1220_MBApp_62-3481AB_hmHM Daim Ntawv Thov Medical Baseline Qhov Txheej Txheem Pab Cuam—Feem A (Yuav tsum tau ua kom tiav los ntawm tus neeg qhua siv hluav taws xob.) Rau Kev Sau Npe Nkag thiab Kev Ua Pov Thawj Txog Medical Baseline Qhov Txheej Txheem Pab Cuam Kuv thov ua pov thawj tias cov ntaub ntawv tau sau los saum toj no yog raug raws qhov tseeb. Kuv kuj tseem ua pov thawj tias cov neeg uas nyob rau hauv qhov Medical Baseline nyob puv sij hawm raws li qhov chaw nyob no thiab yuav tsum tau Medical Baseline qhov txheej txheem pab cuam.

Last updated:  06-14-2021

1220_MBApp_62-3481AB_jaJP Medical Baselineプログラム申込書—パートA (お客様記入用) Medical Baselineプログラムの加入および再証明 私は上記の情報が正しいことを証明します。私はまた、 Medical Baseline居住者がこの住所に常時住み、Medical Baselineプログラムを必要としていることを証明します。 私は、PG&Eがこれらの情報を確認することを許可します。 私はまた、資格要件を満たす居住者が転居した場合、あるい はMedical Baselineプログラムを必要としなくなった場合 には、PG&Eに速やかに通知することに同意します。 私は以下の内容を理解し同意します。 1. 有資格の医療従事者によって居住者の病状が永続的 であると証明された場合は、2年ごとに、その居住者の Medical Baselineプログラム継続資格を確認する自己 証明書を作成しPG&Eに提出する必要があります。 2. 有資格の医療従事者によって居住者の病状が永続的 でないと証明された場合は、PG&Eに対して、毎年、そ の居住者のMedical Baselineプログラム継続資格を 確認する自己証明書を提出し、2年ごとに有資格の医 療従事者による証明を含む、新たな申請を行う必要が あります。

Last updated:  06-16-2021

UPDATE: PG&E May Need to Proactively Turn Off Power for Safety Beginning Early Thursday Morning in Small Targeted Portions of 12 Counties. During a PSPS, PG&E offers support to customers by opening Community Resource Centers with snacks, water, and other essential items; partnering with community-based organizations to assist customers with medical and independent living needs; and continuing to update our customers on power restoration status. Details about customer support programs are available at . Potentially Affected Counties Potentially affected customers by county are as follows: Butte Count ...

Last updated:  11-03-2021

Medical Baseline and Third Party Notification Medical Baseline provides additional energy at the lowest price for gas and electric customers who are dependent on life-support equipment and/or who require special heating or cooling needs for certain medical conditions. To qualify for Medical Baseline, a licensed physician must certify that you or a full-time resident in your home is: • Dependent on life-support equipment while at home • A paraplegic, hemiplegic, quadriplegic or multiple sclerosis patient with special heating and/or cooling needs Para más detalles, llame al 1-800-660-6789 • 1-800-893-9555。

Last updated:  07-19-2017

CWSP: Support for Medical Baseline Customers Support for Medical Baseline Customers This Wildfire Season Community Wildfire Safety Program Portable Battery Program To help lessen the impact of wildfire safety outages, PG&E’s Portable Battery Program provides backup batteries for qualifying customers who rely on power for medical devices. If you are enrolled in our Medical Baseline Program and live in a High Fire-Threat District or have experienced two or more Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) outages since 2020, you may qualify.

Last updated:  04-18-2022

Download helpful brochures and useful forms from PG&E on popular topics such as Managing Your Bill, Supporting Customers, Information and Permissions, Property Managers and Owners and more. Manage Your Bill Visit California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Download Medical Baseline Allowance Application (PDF, 56 KB) Visit Budget Billing Download Budget Billing Brochure (PDF, 172 KB) Supporting Customers Review Service Guarantees Visit Claims Policy and Process Apply for Vulnerable Customer Status Customer Program Brochure (PDF, 3.7 MB) Contact Information (PDF, 84 KB) Information and Permissions Download Authorization to Receive Customer Information or Act on a C ...

Last updated:  06-26-2022

Download information in an easier-to-read, large-font format about programs that can make your energy more affordable. Also find information in Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. Programs include CARE, FERA, Medical Baseline and Energy Savings Assistance Program. Get information about the Medical Baseline Program Download either of the following files for information about the Medical Baseline Program: Download Medical Baseline General Program Information (PDF, 386 KB) . Download Medical Baseline Allowance Application (PDF, 836 KB) . Download Medical Baseline Allowance Self-certification form (PDF, 332 KB) . Access information about the Energy Savings Assistance Program Download Save with our Energy Savings Assistance Program (PDF, 218 KB) . If you qualify, you may be able to improve your home’s energy efficiency at no cost.

Last updated:  06-26-2022

PG&E’s Baseline Allowance is a monthly allotment of electricity or gas for which you pay the lowest price, if you’re on a rate plan in which the allowance comes into play. NOTE: Customers who have qualifying medical conditions may be eligible for a higher allowance through the Medical Baseline program. Visit Medical Baseline Allowance . Electric baseline quantities went into effect January 1, 2019; gas baseline quantities went into effect on November 1, 2019. Find your Baseline Allowance How can you stay within the Baseline Allowance? Learn ways to conserve energy and save money all year. Get tips to save energy and costs every day Learn about and sign up for Energy Alerts What is the rate for usage over the Baseline Allowance?

Last updated:  06-26-2022

Keeping Customers Connected: Suspension of Energy Service Disconnections Extended to September 30, 2021. In addition, Medical Practitioner Certifications for the Medical Baseline Program have resumed. Active Medical Baseline customers who have enrolled in the program under the consumer protections and customers with non-permanent medical conditions as designated by their medical practitioners will be required to recertify for their continued eligibility. PG&E will proactively communicate with Medical Baseline customers and remind them of their upcoming recertifications. The transition coincides with the launch of PG&E's new online Medical Baseline medical practitioner portal.

Last updated:  11-03-2021
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