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Medical Baseline (MBL) Medical Practitioner Portal Instruction Manual. Medical Baseline (MBL) Medical Practitioner Portal Instruction Manual 4 Please go to to start Medical Baseline certification process. The certification form in this address is for qualified medical practitioner use only. Medical Baseline (MBL) Medical Practitioner Portal Instruction Manual 5 6 7 Please check that you are typing in the correct confirmation number. The confirmation number consists of a series of letters and numbers and is case sensitive.

Last updated:  06-30-2021

1220_MBApp_62-3481AB_km-KH ការដាក់ពាកសុ ំកមវធ ីMed Base 62-3481 - ែផក ក ការដាក់ពាកសុំកមវធ ីMedical Baseline—Part A (្រតវបំេពញេដាយអតិថិជន។) ស្រមាប់ការចុះេឈា ះ និងការប ក់េដាយលិខិតេឡងីវញនូវកមវ ធី Medical Baseline ខំសូមបាក់ថាព័ត៌មានខាងេលើគឺតឹមតូវ។ ខំក៏សូមបាក់ផងែដរថា អក រស់េនៅរបស់ Medical Baseline រស់េនៅេពញេម៉ោងេនៅអាសយដានេនះ េហើយតូវការកមវធី Medical Baseline។ ខយំល់ពមឱ PG&E េផងផាត់ ព័ត៌មានេនះ។ ខក៏ំយល់ពមផងែដរេដើមជូីនដំណងឹដល់ PG&E ឱានបនាន់ បសិនេបើអករស់េនៅែដលមានលកណៈសមតិគប់គាន់ផាស់ទីលំេនៅ ឬអក រស់េនៅែលងតូវការកមវធី Medical Baseline។ ខំយល់ និងយល់ពមថា៖ 1. ្

Last updated:  06-15-2021

UPDATE: PG&E May Need to Proactively Turn Off Power for Safety Beginning Early Monday Morning in Targeted Portions of 22 Counties, Scope of Event Reduced to Less Than One-Half of One Percent of All PG&E Customers. PG&E employees will pay individual, in-person visits when possible to customers enrolled in the company’s  Medical Baseline program who do not verify that they have received these important safety communications, with a primary focus on customers who rely on electricity for critical life-sustaining equipment. Potentially Affected Counties Customers can look up their address at to see if PG&E is monitoring their location for the potential safety shutoff. ...

Last updated:  11-03-2021

Forecasts Indicate Potential for Historic Wind Event This Weekend; Approximately 850,000 Customers Notified that They May Be Impacted Beginning Saturday Evening. Counties Potentially Impacted County Customers Cities or unincorporated areas with some customers potentially impacted Alameda Total: 57,360 Medical Baseline: 1,302 Albany, Berkeley, Canyon, Castro Valley Dublin, Fremont, Hayward, Livermore Oakland, Piedmont, Pleasanton, San Leandro, Sunol Alpine Total: 66 Medical Baseline: 0 Bear Valley Amador Total: 19,909 Medical Baseline: 974 Amador City, Drytown, Fiddletown, Ione, Jackson, Martell, Pine ...

Last updated:  11-03-2021

Solicitud al Programa Medical Baseline. Solicitud al Programa Medical Baseline (Tarifas Básicas por Razones Médicas)—Parte A Solicitud al Programa Medical Baseline (Tarifas Básicas por Razones Médicas)—Parte A Para la Inscripción y Recertificación del Programa Medical Baseline Certifico que la información anterior es correcta. También certifico que el residente con Medical Baseline vive en esta dirección de tiempo completo y requiere el programa Medical Baseline. Convengo en permitirle a PG&E verificar esta información. También convengo en notificar a PG&E oportunamente si el residente calificado se muda o deja de requerir el programa Medical Baseline.

Last updated:  06-15-2021

Đơn Xin Tự Chứng Nhận Chương Trình. Đơn Xin Tự Chứng Nhận Chương Trình Medical Baseline Tôi xác nhận thông tin ở trên là đúng. Tôi cũng xác nhận cư dân sử dụng dịch vụ Medical Baseline cư ngụ toàn thời gian tại địa chỉ này và cần đến hoặc tiếp tục cần đến dịch vụ của chương trình Medical Baseline. Tôi đồng ý cho PG&E xác minh thông tin này. Tôi cũng đồng ý thông báo ngay cho PG&E nếu cư dân hội đủ điều kiện đó chuyển nơi ở hoặc không còn cần dịch vụ của chương trình Medical Baseline nữa. BƯỚC 4 Chữ Ký KÝ TÊN CHỮ KÝ CỦA KHÁCH HÀNG NGÀY P.O.

Last updated:  12-23-2019

For prospective Medical Baseline customers (those with  qualifying medical issues not currently enrolled in the program), two out of three were not  aware of the Medical Baseline Program.    Medical Baseline Program Satisfaction: Medical Baseline Program  satisfaction  is very high  (75% are very satisfied), and satisfaction remains steady regardless of how long a customer  has been in the program.   Medical Baseline Program Benefits: The vast majority of current and former Medical Baseline  customers  considered  the  two  main  program  benefits  as  very  important  or  extremely  important: (1) Saving Money, and (2) additional PSPS notifications

Last updated:  06-02-2020

Forecasted Offshore Dry Wind Event Means PG&E May Need to Proactively Turn Off Power for Safety in Targeted Portions of 24 Counties. We estimate that approximately 54,000 customers in the following 24 counties will be affected: Alameda County: 5,405 customers, 214 Medical Baseline customers Amador County: 57 customers, 0 Medical Baseline customers Butte County: 11,315 customers, 982 Medical Baseline customers Calaveras County: 262 customers, 17 Medical Baseline customers Contra Costa County: 929 customers, 61 Medical Baseline customers E ...

Last updated:  11-03-2021

Auto-Certificación. Si estos límites de consumo permitido de Medical Baseline no satisfacen sus necesidades médicas de energía, sírvase comunicar con PG&E llamando al 1-800-743-5000. Puede encontrar más información acerca del Programa Medical Baseline en Solicite en O envíe la solicitud a: PG&E Billing Center Medical Baseline P.O. Box 8329, Stockton, CA 95208 Certifico que la información anterior es correcta. También  certifico que el residente con Medical Baseline vive en esta  dirección de tiempo completo y requiere o sigue requiriendo  el Programa Medical Baseline. 

Last updated:  10-28-2019

Medical Baseline General Program Information Medical Baseline General Program Information What is Medical Baseline? • It’s a financial assistance program for residential customers who have special energy needs due to certain qualifying medical conditions. • Eligible residential customers may receive a “standard” Medical Baseline quantity of approximately 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity and/or 25 therms of gas per month, in addition to regular Baseline quantities. Who qualifies for Medical Baseline?

Last updated:  09-05-2018
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