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Potential Sunday/Oct. 25 PSPS Event: Forecasted Highest Winds and Driest Conditions of the Season Mean PG&E May Need to Proactively Turn Off Power for Safety to Approximately 466,000 Customers Across Northern and Central California. Alameda County: 39,401 customers, 1,483 Medical Baseline customers Alpine County: 575 customers, 6 Medical Baseline customers Amador County: 10,448 customers, 805 Medical Baseline customers Butte County: 19,185 customers, 1,833 Medical Baseline customers Calaveras County: 19,329 customers, 967 Medical Baseline customers Colusa County: 565 customers, 32 Medical Baseline customers Contra Cos ...

Last updated:  11-03-2021

Medical Baseline Allowance Application For Medical Baseline Enrollment and Re-­Certification. I also certify  that the Medical Baseline resident lives full­time at this  address, and requires or continues to require the Medical  Baseline Allowance. I agree to allow PG&E to verify this  information. I also agree to notify PG&E promptly if the  qualified resident moves or Medical Baseline Allowance  is no longer needed by the resident. The Standard Medical Baseline Allowance is 16.438 kWh  of electricity and/or 0.82192 therms of natural gas per  day, which is in addition to your daily standard Baseline  Allocation. 

Last updated:  01-12-2016

Download and print one of the following large print applications and general program information sheets. Apply for additional Medical Baseline allowance If the initial Medical Baseline Allowances do not meet your medical energy needs, please contact PG&E at  1-800-743-5000 . You must complete or have previously completed the Medical Baseline Allowance application. Opt-out of Medical Baseline To opt out of the Medical Baseline/Life Support program. Call 1-800-743-5000 . Send your application to: PG&E Attention: Medical Baseline P.O. Box 8329 Stockton, CA 95208 Links to Medical Baseline Program Application forms can be found below.

Last updated:  08-04-2021

Medical Baseline Allowance is PG&E's financial assistance program for customers with special energy needs due to certain qualifying medical conditions. Find out if you qualify. 詳細はこちら Play Medical Baselineプログラム この動画は音声による説明と字幕もご利用いただけます: 音声説明付きバージョンにアクセスする 字幕説明文をダウンロードする(PDF、66 KB) Play Video Medical Baselineプログラム Opens a modal window Medical Baselineプログラム 1 OF 1 この動画は音声による説明と字幕もご利用いただけます: 音声説明付きバージョンにアクセスする 字幕説明文をダウンロードする(PDF、66 KB) 詳しい情報の入手 Medical Baselineプログラムのガイドライン Medical Baselineプログラムに関するよくある質問 Medical Baselineプログラムのための再証明(PDF、124 KB) 自己申告書を受け取りましたか? 自己申告の方法を調べる Medical Baselineプログラムのリソース ご質問がある場合や、Medical Baselineプログラム申込用紙を記入する上で支援が必要な場合は、当社にお電話ください (1-800-743-5000) 。

Last updated:  02-13-2021

Application. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY: 62-3481-A August 2021 CMB-0821-4011 Medical Baseline Program Application—Part B Medical Practitioner’s Certification for Medical Baseline Program Enrollment and Recertification (To be completed by Medical Practitioner*.)

Last updated:  08-19-2021

You May Benefit from Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) Medical Baseline Program. CCC-0322-4663. 05/20/2022.

Last updated:  05-23-2022

Medical Baseline Allowance is PG&E's financial assistance program for customers with special energy needs due to certain qualifying medical conditions. Find out if you qualify. Mus xyuas ntawm Medical Baseline/Life Support Contact Preference. . 4 OF 4 Pib txuag nyiaj Tom qab koj daim ntawv teev npe thov tau txais lus pom zoo lawm, koj yuav pib siv tau cov hluav taws xob kwv yees li 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) thiab/lossis roj kwv yees li 25 therms rau ib lub hlis uas qhov kev pabcuam Medical Baseline muab rau koj siv ntxiv. MUS THOV QHOV KEV PABCUAM MEDICAL BASELINE/LIFE SUPPORT Mus rub thiab luam daim ntawv teev npe t ...

Last updated:  02-13-2021

FAQ. I am a current CCA customer enrolled in the Medical Baseline program. What happens if I unenroll from the Medical Baseline program during the PCIA Exemption Phase-Out? Upon your unenrollment from the Medical Baseline program, you will start paying the full PCIA. I am a current CCA customer enrolled in the Medical Baseline program. If I choose to return to PG&E as my electric provider, will I be exempt from the PCIA? No. All of PG&E’s bundled service customers pay the full PCIA through PG&E’s generation rates, including bundled service customers who are enrolled in the Medical Baseline program.

Last updated:  10-07-2021

Self Certification Form. If you are applying for a new resident with medical condition please apply at You can mail your paper application to: PG&E Billing Center Medical Baseline, P.O. Box 8329, Stockton, CA 95208. STEP 4 Signature I certify the above information is correct. I also certify the Medical Baseline resident lives full-time at this address and requires or continues to require the Medical Baseline program. I agree to allow PG&E to verify this information. I also agree to notify PG&E promptly if the qualified resident moves or the Medical Baseline program is no longer needed by the resident.

Last updated:  08-19-2021

Medical Baseline General Program Information. Medical Baseline General Program Information   Medical Baseline General Program Information What is Medical Baseline? • It’s a financial assistance program for residential customers that have special energy needs due to certain qualifying medical conditions. • Eligible residential customers may receive a “standard” Medical Baseline quantity of approximately 500 kilowatt­hours (kWh) of electricity and/or 25 therms of gas per month, in addition to regular Baseline quantities. Who qualifies for Medical Baseline? 

Last updated:  02-26-2019
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