Orchard worker safety program

Tips to work safely

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Know your surroundings

Check for overhead power lines, utility poles and support wires before starting every job and point them out to your crew. Death and injury can result from contact with any power line, even the lines that run from utility poles to buildings and pumps.

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Respect the 10-foot safety zone

Keep yourself and all tools and equipment at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines. Only a qualified line-clearance tree worker can prune trees within 10 feet of energized lines.

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Dig safely by knowing what's below

Stay safe by knowing what's below. Call 811 at least two business days before digging, ripping or removing any trees or stumps. This free call will notify local utility companies of your intent to dig, and they will come to your project site and mark any underground lines. The marks are valid for 28 days.