Trees that fall or grow into powerlines and facilities can create safety hazards, cause power outages and increase the risk of wildfires. We inspect approximately 100,000 miles of our transmission and distribution powerlines each year, with some locations patrolled multiple times a year. We also prune or remove approximately 1 million trees annually to help keep trees and vegetation away from power lines. This important work helps us maintain required safety clearances, enhance the safety and reliability of our electric system, and reduce the risk of wildfires and tree-related outages.

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Powerline clearance

We perform regular inspections and tree work near our electric powerlines to help prevent power outages and reduce safety hazards.

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Enhanced wildfire safety measures

We're expanding and enhancing our vegetation and safety work.

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Tree work safety

Learn more about safe pruning and digging guidelines for customers, and for tree care professionals and orchard workers.

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Right tree, right place

Trees and powerlines can be compatible. Plan before you plant to promote fire safety, reduce power outages and ensure the enjoyment of trees for years to come.


Orchard plan before you plant

Learn more about powerline friendly orchard planting, incentive programs and other resources.

Wood management

Learn more about the wood debris removal program.

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