Safety is our highest priority at PG&E. To ensure that you remain safe when doing any digging projects, always call 811 first. 811 is a free service managed by Underground Service Alert and available to everyone. After you call, Underground Service Alert will contact PG&E and other companies that have underground lines in your area. Representatives will then mark the location of their underground lines so you can avoid them and dig safely. Whether you are planting a tree or a garden, or digging holes for fence posts, call 811 at least two business days before you plan to start your project.

Learn more about safe digging by going to the webpages linked below.

Residential customers

Put safety first. Find out the steps you need to take to prevent accidents when digging on your property.

Farmers and ranchers

Prevent damage caused by gas leaks. You'll find information specific to agriculture and ranching.

School communities

Be aware of digging hazards and precautions that should be taken before starting both large and small projects on your campus.


Find out what contractors and construction site workers need to do before and during excavation.

For additional information about 811 or to make an online request, go to the Underground Service Alert North or DigAlert websites.

Gas safety

Learn how to safely turn off your gas, what to do if you suspect a gas leak and more.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas. Play it safe with early detection.

Sewer cleaning safety

Cleaning out a sewer pipe can cause a gas leak if a gas line intersects the sewer pipe.