Find out about pipeline safety and operations

Our gas pipelines deliver natural gas to your household. Get the answers to your questions about our systems.

View FAQ about general pipeline safety

Discover how we keep our natural gas pipelines safe.

View FAQ about our survey, inspection and testing techniques

Discover how we survey, inspect and test our natural gas pipelines.

View FAQ about general gas system operations

Learn how we run general operations for our natural gas systems.

View FAQ about earthquake concerns

Discover how we plan to protect our natural gas system during earthquakes.

View FAQ about how PG&E trains and collaborates with first responders

PG&E works with first responders to foster early response safety. Learn how we coordinate with them.

View FAQ about our class location report

Learn about our system-wide gas pipeline class location study.

View FAQ about the PG&E Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan

Find out more about our plan to enhance the PG&E natural gas pipeline system.

Discover other gas system resources

Contact us with more questions. Call our Natural Gas System Help Line at 1-800-743-5000.

The American Gas Association also provides FAQ. Download Get The Facts: Pipeline Safety (PDF, 67 KB).