Learn about our system and how we keep it safe

Natural gas is a key energy source in California. Understand how we provide natural gas, and how gas pipeline safety is our top priority.

Learn how we keep our system safe

We have a full survey and monitoring program to help ensure the safety of our natural gas transmission pipeline system. Learn more about the actions we take to keep you and your community safe. Visit Pipeline Safety.

We’re planning to conduct hydrostatic pressure tests throughout our natural gas pipeline system. Learn more about the tests.

Discover how our system works

Our natural gas system spans 70,000 square miles and serves one out of every 20 Americans. Natural gas is typically a main energy source for heating and cooking. Get an overview of our system.

Locate natural gas pipelines near you

Learn more about our natural gas system, and use our interactive map to find pipelines near you.

View our Gas Operations Improvement report

View the progress we're making to become the safest, most reliable gas company in the country.