Find out if your service may be impacted by a currently announced PSPS

The tools below provide an overview of possible PSPS impacted addresses and areas as well as where to go for updates once power has been turned off.

  • If we expect an address will be impacted, we will attempt to call, text or email by using the phone number or email address currently on file for that account.
  • The Potential PSPS address-lookup map provides the most accurate information for your address before your power has been turned off.
  • The PSPS area map shows a general outline of the impacted area but is not address specific.
  • Once power has been turned off, the Outage Map will provide the latest restoration times if available.
  • View frequently asked questions about these tools.
  • Get the latest updates about currently announced PSPS events

Potential PSPS address-lookup map

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There is currently no PSPS event planned.

PSPS area map

There is currently no PSPS event planned.

Frequently asked questions