Working together to keep you safe

Nothing is more important to us than keeping our customers and communities safe. We know how much trees mean to our communities, and we are committed to working together to ensure the right trees are located in the right places to help improve public safety.

In addition to meeting new state vegetation and fire safety standards, these efforts include establishing fire defense zones to create an added layer of protection as an additional precautionary measure to help reduce wildfire risks.

Creating fire defense zones

An illustration of a fire defense zone. The zone is established on both sides of and along a path of power lines to reduce wildfire risks

In the highest fire-threat areas across Northern and Central California – based on the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) High Fire-Threat District Map – we are partnering with our customers to create fire defense zones by removing vegetation under and around distribution lines that could act as fuel in case of a wildfire.

These fire defense zones:

  • Create safe space between power lines and trees and brush that can act as fuel for wildfires
  • Can help slow the spread of fires and improve access for first responders in the event of a wildfire
  • Enhance defensible space around homes, businesses and properties to improve public safety

Visit the CPUC High Fire-Threat District Map

Partnering with our customers

We are looking at the area 15 feet on either side of the pole line for any vegetation that could act as fuel in a wildfire. If any vegetation work is necessary, we will partner with property owners to develop a customized plan that helps ensure safety. PG&E will perform the agreed-upon work at no cost to the property owner and will provide recommendations for fire-safe planting in and around the fire defense zone. For more information on fire-safe plants, visit CAL FIRE Ready for Wildfire.

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