By strengthening the grid, the proposed project will help the region stay in front of its growing energy demand and minimize the chance of outages during the summer when demand for electricity is the highest. The Westside Power Connect project will also reinforce PG&E's existing infrastructure to limit the chances of the system becoming overloaded.

Economic growth

Improvements to the power grid will help provide a highly reliable and stable electricity source that meets the needs of the area's manufacturing and industrial firms. New critical infrastructure will promote a strong commercial environment that attracts and retains a diverse group of employers and industries.


As part of PG&E's commitment to providing customers with safe, reliable, affordable and clean electric service, the security of its substations is a top priority. Substations are important links that provide power to your community, and PG&E is committed to protecting the infrastructure that serves you. PG&E will utilize advanced technology to implement safety and security measures that meet the highest established standards for critical infrastructure protection.