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PG&E Returns to Community for Feedback on Proposed Southern Santa Clara County Electric Infrastructure Project

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Morgan Hill, Calif.— Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today announced a new infrastructure project to increase the capacity and reliability of the electric system serving southern Santa Clara County including Gilroy, Morgan Hill and surrounding communities. Known as South County Power Connect, the proposed project will include building a new substation and two new transmission lines, as well as upgrading surrounding transmission lines. These critical investments will allow PG&E to respond to the growing energy demands of its 43,000 electric customers in the region.

South County Power Connect includes building a new substation and two new transmission lines, as well as upgrading surrounding transmission lines. This new infrastructure will help increase the reliability and capacity of the electric system serving southern Santa Clara County.

The input PG&E received during the first phase of outreach contributed to the selection of a substation study area and potential transmission line corridors. PG&E will share these results with the community during the upcoming open houses and gather feedback to further refine the project and select a preferred site, routes and alternatives.

"The proposed South County Power Connect project is a key component of our efforts to meet the needs of the region's growing population and economy. We gained valuable insight from the community during our first round of outreach, and we are looking look forward to hearing their additional thoughts on the potential sites and designs we will present in order to develop the best project possible for customers in the area," said Teresa Davies, senior manager of PG&E's San Jose Division.

PG&E invites the community to attend three open house meetings to discuss the project and provide feedback on the substation study area and potential transmission line corridors.

PG&E South County Power Connect Open Houses

Tuesday, February 16; 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center, Hiram Room
17000 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill

Wednesday, February 17; 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Gilroy Library, Community Room
350 W. 6th Street, Gilroy

Thursday, February 18; 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Morgan Hill Unified School District Office, Board Room
15600 Concord Circle, Morgan Hill

PG&E is committed to siting and designing the project in a manner that is most compatible with the surrounding communities and environment. The new substation will connect to the existing Morgan Hill-Llagas 115 kV line and one of the Metcalf-Moss Landing 230 kV lines. The proposed project will also include upgrades to a portion of the existing 115 kV transmission line that will connect the new substation to the existing Morgan Hill Substation.

The substation study area and potential transmission line corridors were selected based on the proximity to existing transmission lines and prioritized based on a set of criteria, including compatibilities with established land uses and infrastructure, effects on agricultural operations and impacts to nearby communities, among several other considerations.

Southern Santa Clara County has experienced rapid growth that has driven the need for new investments in the electric system. South County Power Connect will strengthen the power grid by increasing the electric system's capacity, which helps provide the flexibility needed to adapt to energy demands and protect against outages. The project will ensure the electric system can accommodate the region’s planned growth and is part of PG&E's commitment to providing an efficient, safe and reliable grid for the 16 million people PG&E serves in California.

PG&E will continue to engage with the community throughout the development of the project. These open houses represent the second phase of PG&E's three-part outreach program. PG&E will use the feedback gathered during this process to design a project with the least overall impact. Based on the current timeline, it is anticipated that the project will be submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in June 2017. The CPUC, the state agency with jurisdiction over transmission projects of this type, will conduct additional environmental review and provide opportunities for continued public comment. The CPUC has final approval over the project, including the location of the substation. It is anticipated the CPUC will issue its decision in early 2019.

In addition to the open houses, the project team continues to hold stakeholder meetings and engage with the local community. Residents who are unable to attend the open houses can obtain more information on the project website at

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