The California Independent System Operator (CAISO), which is responsible for operating and managing California's energy grid, has informed Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) that it is reassessing projects throughout California, including South County Power Connect. The CAISO’s reassessment will ensure the proposed project meets current electric demand forecasts and minimizes costs to customers. The reassessment will focus on the project options PG&E has identified thus far and may consider other energy infrastructure improvements as potential solutions. We are unsure how long this process will take.

Based on the CAISO’s decision to reassess the project, our anticipated timeline for the project, including when we will submit the project application to the California Public Utilities Commission, has been delayed and will be reassessed after the CAISO has finished its evaluation. We are committed to providing safe and reliable energy to our customers and will continue to work with the CAISO to determine the best solutions for ensuring long-term reliability in the area.

South County Power Connect will provide the following benefits to the community:


Electric customers in southern Santa Clara County rely on infrastructure that was built decades ago. By providing an additional transmission source for the region, this project will increase the redundancy of the transmission system serving the area, helping reduce the risk of a local area-wide power outage.

Economic vitality

Investments in the power grid will allow us to continue to provide a highly reliable and stable electricity source that meets the needs of Morgan Hill's, Gilroy's and Silicon Valley's firms and businesses.

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