The California Public Utilities Commission

Visit the CPUC Energy Division CEQA project website for information on the Estrella Substation and Paso Robles Area Reinforcement Project.

The CPUC’s project application number for this project is A.17-010-23, and additional information on the project application can be found here.

The CPUC will now serve as the primary point of contact for comments on the project, and you can contact the CPUC at (844) 211-7510 or email at or mail to Rob Peterson, CPUC (c/o Tom Engels), Horizon Water and Environment, LLC, 266 Grand Avenue, Suite 210, Oakland, CA 94610.

Electric Grid Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides an overview of the flow of electricity, from the moment power is generated until it arrives at your home or business.

Download: Electric grid fact sheet (PDF, 1.31 MB)

Fact Sheet

This two-page fact sheet provides an overview of the proposed project and its benefits, as well as additional information about our planning and outreach process.

Download: Fact sheet (PDF, 2.05 MB)

California ISO Project Description and Functional Specification for Competitive Solicitation

This technical document was produced by the California Independent System Operator Corporation (CAISO) prior to the competitive bid process and provides a detailed description of the proposed project.

Download: California ISO project description and functional specification for competitive solicitation (PDF, 278 KB)