Project details

In early 2017, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), which is responsible for managing California’s energy grid, informed PG&E that it was reassessing dozens of previously approved projects throughout California, including the Northern San Joaquin 230 kV Transmission Project, formerly known as Northern San Joaquin Power Connect.

In March 2018, the CAISO Board decided to revise the project scope, and while the project will include some aspects of the previous scope, the revised scope will help to address the area’s reliability and capacity needs. The revised scope includes connecting PG&E’s existing Brighton-Bellota 230 kV Transmission Line into PG&E’s Lockeford Substation and building a new 230 kV double circuit transmission line from PG&E’s Lockeford Substation to a new 230 kV switching station on Thurman Street in Lodi.