By creating new transmission sources for northern San Joaquin County, the project will help accommodate the growing energy demand in the region and minimize the chance of outages during the summer when demand for electricity is highest. By increasing the capacity of the local electric grid, PG&E can help ensure future electric reliabiltiy that meets all of the region's needs, including the evolving demands from the expanding local wine industry.

Economic growth

High capacity transmission lines maximize the grid's ability to move electricity safely and dependably, while upgrades to the grid will improve the system's responsiveness and overall efficiency when dealing with service interruptions, benefiting residents, businesses and growers across the region.


Replacing older power lines and components with new technology maximizes our ability to move electricity safely and dependably to homes and businesses. For example, technology upgrades will give us greater ability to limit impacts from future outages to a confined area, while higher capacity transmission lines will allow us to move electricity more efficiently throughout the local electric system.