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report it icon Due to launch in summer 2021, our mobile app, PG&E Report It, makes it easy to report non-emergency safety concerns related to PG&E electrical equipment. Use it to submit a photo of a power pole, power line or other electrical equipment that you think is hazardous. Your submission goes straight to our Safety Team and could help reduce the threat of wildfires or prevent other emergencies. Together, we can make our communities as safe as possible.

With the app, you can:

  • Submit a photo or video of a non-emergency safety concern
  • See submissions made by others
  • Get notified when your safety concern is under review or closed
  • See PG&E’s findings about your concern and others

Report electrical equipment concerns you find anywhere in our service territory - there's no limit.

To learn more about the app, join us at an upcoming wildfire safety webinar.

IMPORTANT: This app is not meant for emergencies. If you see a downed or sparking power line, or smell natural gas, leave the area immediately and call 911.

Use the app to report these types of concerns…


NOTE: The photos below are samples of common concerns.

Power PolePower pole: Leaning, burned, cracks/holes, decayed/rotted, other

Leaning Pole
Cracked Pole
Decayed Pole
Burned Pole

Power LinePower Line: Frayed or damaged, low or sagging, buzzing, entangled balloon or another foreign object, other

Frayed Power line
Sagging Power Line
Foreign object on power line

Electrical equipmentElectrical equipment: Leaking, severe corrosion, loud or buzzing noise, damaged, other

Leaking electrical equipment
Corroded electrical equipment
Damaged electrical equipment

Tree or Vine near a poleTree or vine (touching/near pole or line): Overhanging, dead or dying, strain or abrasion to equipment, within 4’ of electrical conductor, tree trimmer debris, other

Tree touching the electrical pole
Tree causing strain on electrical pole
Tree debris causing abrasion to electrical equipment
Overhang tree causing strain to electrical equipment

Other Electrical concernsOther: Select this option if your concern is not related to one of the other categories. Please keep in mind the concern should relate to PG&E electrical equipment only.

Third-party equipment

Telecommunication lines often share PG&E power poles but are not PG&E equipment. If a concern regarding a telecommunication line or other third-party equipment is mistakenly reported through the app, we’ll forward the concern to the company responsible.

Reporting a concern

Home screen image

1. Start on Home screen

From the Home screen, select the REPORT button.

Location Screen

2. Provide location

Provide the location of the safety concern by entering an address or by sharing your location and moving the target on the map.

Select your concern screen

3. Select your concern

Select which type of concern you’re reporting and then the type of damage. Note that the photos representing each category serve as samples only.

Add photos screen

4. Add photos

Add up to four photos or a 10-second video of the safety concern. You can select photos and videos you’ve already taken or use your phone’s camera.

Provide description screen

5. Provide description

Add a brief description of your concern. If the site does not have an address, please describe how or where it can be found.

Review and submit screen

6. Review and submit

Review your information and hit “Submit.”

We’ll send push notifications and emails to keep you updated until your submission is closed.

Tracking concerns you report

You can track the status of your concern by selecting “My Reports” in the app:

Tracking concerns screen shot
  1. From the Home screen, select “More” in the bottom right.
  2. Select “My Reports” to see the concern(s) you’ve submitted.
  3. Click on a concern for details and status.

A searchable list of all concerns reported through the app will also be available online.

Note that we will send you a confirmation email when we receive your concern, and you’ll receive an update each time the status of your concern changes. A final update will be sent to let you know the issue is closed and what actions were taken.

Viewing concerns reported by others

You can view reports submitted by others to see if the concern you’ve encountered has already been reported. Or, you may want to see the types of concerns that have been reported in your area.

View all reported concerns through the app:

  1. On the HOME screen map, click on any icon on the map to see details and status of the concern it represents. If the map is not displaying your area or another area you’d like to view, enter the address.


  1. On the HOME screen, select “Filter” under the map.
  2. Narrow your search by selecting among these filters: Report Author, Report Type, Report Status and Report Date.
  3. Hit “Submit” to see a list of the concerns you’ve filtered. Click on each one to see its details and status.

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