Keep your household safe by setting up proper lighting

A well-lit home can be a safer home. Learn some lighting guidelines to improve safety around your property.

Keep your stairwells safe

Direct lighting over stairs increases safety. Contrasting colors between the floor and first step can help you see the difference in height.
Install two-way switches at the top and bottom of the stairs. The lights can then be turned on from either end.


Learn good habits for using light fixtures

Follow these tips for light fixture use in your home:

  • Never exceed the wattage rating for your fixture. Check for a sticker on the base of the lamp socket to find the correct light bulbs to buy.
  • Turn off fixtures and light switches before replacing bulbs. Unplug the lamp if you can’t tell whether it’s on or off.
  • Use long-life, LED or fluorescent bulbs when a light socket is hard to reach. Fluorescent bulbs last longer than conventional bulbs and also save energy.
  • Keep your kitchen counters and other work areas safely lit.