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1. Key Account Data

Your account number and due date are located at the top of every page. The account number is a 10-digit number. Have this number handy when you need to call us about your energy use. You can receive a separate monthly energy statement for each active account.


2. Service Address

You can receive PG&E service at multiple locations. This section indicates which property is being charged.


3. Your Account Summary

This area shows a snapshot of your bill in large, easy-to-read format. The account summary provides an overview of charges, payments received and your total amount due. A more detailed breakdown of your charges is available on the following pages.


4. Questions About Your Bill?

Use the information found in this section to contact us when you have questions about your bill.


5. Total Amount Due

Your charges and payment due date are located on one line.


6. Savings Alert

Review notes about any special programs or other details that affect your bill total.


7. Monthly Billing History

This chart shows trends in your monthly energy use. It can help you identify any changes in your total charges during different seasons or after installing energy-efficient appliances.


8. Important Messages

PG&E uses this space to share timely information, ranging from summer safety tips to regulatory updates.


9. Remittance Stub

The remittance stub indicates your account number, bill due date and total amount due. Return your payment to the address shown.

We include a windowed return envelope with your bill. Place the remittance stub with the PG&E address showing through the window. The back side of the remittance stub includes an area for you to update your account information. The back side of the stub also includes an overview of your payment options.

Learn about the various easy ways to pay your bill. Visit Ways to Pay.

PLEASE NOTE: Some sections of your energy statement might not be displayed due to space limitations or because information about special programs does not apply to your account.





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