Learn about the various parts of your statement

We offer several tools to help you further understand your energy use. View personalized information based on your current usage and charges. Compare your current statement to previous ones, and get a forecast of your next month's statement.

In each statement, we compare your current statement to your previous month, and forecast your next month's statement total. You can even set up threshold alerts to help prevent spending too much on energy.

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Gain insight about your statement

Visit Understand Your Energy Statement

Understand your energy statement

PG&E has many various types of energy statements for various customer types. Learn about all the parts of your energy statement.

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Learn important definitions

Your statement can be confusing if you don’t understand the terms we’re using. Widen your vocabulary and learn key terms that may appear on your PG&E energy statement.

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Learn where and how to download your “Detail of Bill” statements

Our step-by-step guide helps you download your most recent and past "Detail of Bill" statements. This guide is primarily for customers with Advance Billing Statements. Each download provides detailed information including a breakdown of charges.

Visit Bill Inserts

Access previous statement inserts

Each month, PG&E offers important information on saving energy, rate changes and safety in printed inserts that come with your statement. You can also view the current and old inserts online.

The Time-Of-Use (TOU) Base Plan

Discover how our Time-of-Use Plans work

With Time-of-Use plans, pricing varies depending on when you use energy during the day, week and season. Learn more about Time-of-Use plans. 

Visit Tiered Base Plan (E1)

Discover how our Tiered Base Plan works

The standard Tiered Base Plan (E1) has multiple pricing tiers. Your tier changes based on your energy usage. Learn more about our tiered base plan system.