Customize your Profile & Alerts page

The Profile & Alerts page is where your contact information is stored and preferences are set for Your Account. There are three areas to manage: Contact Information, Profile and Alert Settings.

Manage your Contact Information

We use the email, phone and language preferences under your Contact Information to send you PG&E notifications and alerts. You can include multiple email addresses or phone numbers and we’ll send your notifications and alerts to the ones you designate from your Alert Settings.

NOTE: If you update your Contact Information, it’s important to go to Alert Settings to confirm any alerts you receive use the correct email or phone number.

Manage your Profile

Your Profile contains the email, password and security questions you use to sign in to Your Account. We use this email address if you wish to receive your PG&E billing statement by email or if you need help with a forgotten username or password. If you use your email address as your username, be sure to update your username if you change your email address.

NOTE: Updates made to your Profile email don’t update the email address under Contact Information. Updates must be made in both places.

Link additional accounts

You can link additional accounts to your username. This enables you to manage the accounts in one place, and pay them all at the same time.

Manage your Alert Settings

Under Alert Settings, choose which PG&E alerts you’d like to receive. There are Outage alerts, Energy alerts, Billing and Scheduled Payment alerts, Event Day alerts, Payment Arrangement Reminders, Service Visit reminders, Paperless Billing alerts, and service notices. Most alerts are delivered via your choice of text, email, or voice.

NOTE: If you update your Contact Information, you must also update your Alert Settings.

Learn the benefit of alerts at PG&E alerts and notifications.

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