Take advantage of PG&E alerts

Receive notifications about outages, payment due dates, service visits, savings tips or other helpful topics. Sign up under Profile & Alerts in your online account.

Alerts are sent by your choice of text, email or phone. Learn more at Frequently asked questions about alerts.

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Receive updates on outages affecting your service. We'll let you know when crews are on their way, the estimated restoration time and when power is restored.

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Energy Alerts

Get an alert if your energy billing statement is expected to exceed an amount you specify.

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Event Day Alerts – residential

Signed up for SmartRate™ savings? We’ll let you know when a SmartDay™ is coming up.

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Event Day Alerts – business

Signed up for Peak Day Pricing? We’ll send you an alert the day before an Event Day so you can plan ahead.

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Billing & scheduled payments

Sign up to receive an alert when your bill is coming due or find out the status of a payment.

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Payment arrangement reminders

If you’re enrolled in a payment plan, receive alerts about when your payments are due.

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Service visits

Sign up to receive reminders about scheduled PG&E appointments and service visits.

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Additional communications

Sign up for cost-savings tips and information about new PG&E programs.

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Notices and service information

Set your preferences for receiving mandatory notices about your service.

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Go paperless

Choose to receive your energy statement by email. You can always access past bills online.