Some frequently asked questions about the CSI-Thermal program

Only customers of the four investor-owned utilities are eligible to receive a rebate under the CSI-Thermal program. However, you should check with your electric and gas providers to find out if they offer any solar water heating rebates or if you qualify for federal tax deductions.

Solar water heating equipment must be certified by the solar rating and certification corporation (SRCC) or International association of plumbing and mechanical officials (IAPMO). SRCC or IAPMO OG-100 certified equipment must be installed on commercial or multi-family buildings.

Currently, only solar water heating technology will be eligible for the rebate. Other solar thermal technologies, such as space heating, radiant floor heating and space cooling may be introduced into the rebate program at a later date.

The CSI-Thermal Program offers cash rebates of up to $4,336 for solar water heating systems installed on single-family homes. Rebates are granted in the form of a one-time payment that is based on how much natural gas the system is expected to displace annually. There are no rebate available for residence who heat their water with electricity or propane.

Rebates will decrease in a four-tiered declining rebate structure over the life of the program—which will run until December 31, 2017, or until the rebate money runs out. To access the rebate calculator, visit

In order to qualify for the CSI-Thermal Program rebate, you must use an eligible contractor. To find one that’s right for you, review these tips.

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