Learn the benefits of choosing renewable energy

We want to help lower your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar and renewable energy can provide the solution.

Complete four key steps for using renewable energy

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Learn how to get started

Discover how to get started with renewables. Visit How to Get Started.

You can also visit the following web pages to learn more about solar energy:

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Understand the installation process

Use our detailed timeline and tips to understand the responsibilities of installing a private rooftop solar energy system in your home. Find out how to work more effectively with your contractor. Visit Understand the Process.

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Learn about Net Energy Metering (NEM) and your bill

Learn how to read your bill. Get an explanation of how your bill is calculated. View how much money you are saving for your home and how much energy you are saving for the environment. Visit Understand Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Your Bill.

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Monitor and maintain your system

Discover helpful maintenance tips. Learn how to achieve the best performance for your system. Visit Monitor and Maintain Your System.

Use our interactive online dashboard. Find out how much energy your system consumes. Visit Your Account.

Discover PG&E's solar impact

PG&E is a leader in supporting residential solar energy. View the following stats to understand our impact:

  • #1. PG&E residential customers use solar more than in any other region in the country.

  • 200,000+. PG&E has over 200,000 residential customers who use solar energy.

  • $130. PG&E customers save an average of $130 monthly on energy bills by using private rooftop solar.

  • $876 million. PG&E awarded $876 million for solar customers through the California Solar Initiative (CSI).

  • 1700+ megawatts. PG&E helped install over 1700 megawatts of solar power for residents and businesses.