Learn about the Net Energy Metering Aggregation program

PG&E’s Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA) program is designed to benefit a single customer with multiple eligible meters on the same property, or on adjacent or contiguous properties. NEMA enables one renewable generation system, such as solar technology, to serve the energy needs (aggregated load) of multiple eligible meters.

The program follows the model of Net Energy Metering (NEM): the energy you produce, minus the energy you consume, equals net energy.

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Excess power beyond what is used at the meter where the renewable generator is installed is exported back to the grid. Then, it’s allocated to each eligible meter at the end of each billing month. At the end of 12 billing months from interconnection, all charges and credits are reconciled in an annual “True-Up" statement. Note: For agricultural and large commercial meters, charges and credits are reconciled monthly.


Customers are eligible if all of the metered accounts are owned, leased or rented by the same PG&E customer of record. Also, the meters must be located on the same property as the renewable generator or on adjacent properties.

Download the Customer Considerations Fact Sheet (PDF, 134 KB)

Preparing for NEMA

Play this video for an introduction to NEMA and how to prepare prior to installation.

Net Energy Metering Aggregation Program

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Net Energy Metering Aggregation Program


Audio description and transcript also available for this video.

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Once you decide that NEMA is the right program for you, follow these steps to get ready to work with PG&E and a contractor:

Installation and billing

STEP 1Find a contractor

Find a qualified, licensed contractor who meets your needs and budget requirements.

Tips for selecting and working with a contractor:

  • Request bids from at least three contractors.
  • Size your system 80-90% of your annual energy needs. Any excess generation at the time of your annual True-Up will not receive compensation, per program rules.

For additional tips on what questions to ask and what information to verify, visit Find a Contractor.

STEP 2Have your renewable generation system installed

Your contractor will install and help you connect your system to PG&E’s grid. Learn more about the installation and interconnection process, including roles and responsibilities.

Review steps to install and connect renewable energy

Here are some key factors to review specific to NEMA customers:

Interconnection review process

After receipt of the interconnection application fee, PG&E will complete several reviews to ensure that:

  1. All the meters are eligible according to program rules, including their rate schedules.
  2. The solar system is sized no greater than your annual load.
  3. The solar system can safely operate in parallel with the PG&E grid.

Approval to turn on your system

After all reviews are complete, including a final field inspection, PG&E will issue Permission to Operate (PTO) letter. The PTO grants you official authorization to begin generating your own power. Authorization is typically granted within 30 business days from our receipt of an interconnection request that meets all requirements.

STEP 3Understand NEMA billing

Under the NEM Aggregation program, your energy usage is assessed over a 12-month billing cycle. It begins on your first day of participation in the NEMA program.

Billing setup and monthly statements

Getting set-up for billing

After being approved for NEMA, you will begin receiving your NEMA bills (“Energy Statement”) within 60 days of approval to turn on your system. If you have not received your first bill after 90 days of approval, contact the Solar Customer Service Center at 1-877-743-4112.

What you will receive


  • You’ll receive a monthly bill for each account.
  • The bill says “Energy Statement” at the top and lists the amount due for that billing month.


  • Each month you’ll also receive, in a separate envelope, a DOB. The DOB displays how much energy you used from PG&E (when your system didn’t produce enough, such as at night) versus the amount of excess energy your system exported to the grid.
  • The DOB is for the meter that’s physically tied to your renewable generating system (“Generator Account”). DOBs will also include charges due that month for each of the additional meters in the NEMA arrangement ("Benefitting Accounts"). If you’d like more information on how benefitting account charges are calculated, contact the Solar Customer Service Center at 1-877-743-4112.

What you pay monthly


Residential customers pay only for non-energy charges and any gas charges due each month, as listed in their PG&E bill.

Agricultural and large commercial customers’ monthly bills include any non-energy charges, and will include all net energy credits and charges reconciled monthly.

Annual True-Up for NEMA customers

The True-Up statement reconciles all cumulative energy charges and credits over the 12-month billing cycle. If you have a remaining balance at the end of your 12-month billing cycle, the True-Up statements on each DOB will show the amount due to PG&E. This amount will also appear on your regular PG&E bill (“Energy Statement”).

Residential customers pay for energy use once per year when all energy charges and solar credits are reconciled at your annual True-Up.

Agricultural and large commercial customer credits and charges are reconciled monthly. At True-Up, any overpayment for energy remaining is credited back to the customer.

Please note: NEMA customers are not eligible to receive Net Surplus Compensation for generating more energy over the entire 12-month billing cycle than consumed at the time of the True-Up, per program rules.