general emergency iconIMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning July 26, 2018, PG&E will only accept applications with UL 1741 SA compliant smart inverters with the default setting for Volt Var set to "reactive power priority" for interconnection requests utilizing inverter technology. Please see the attached spreadsheet (XLSX, 36 KB) with the current list of known inverters. For more information about this requirement, please review the FAQ section below titled "NEW REACTIVE POWER PRIORITY REQUIREMENT (7/26/2018)."

All new NEM applications will be processed under the NEM Successor Tariff programs, NEM2, NEM2V and NEM2VMSH. Review the information below for more information about the NEM2 program.

If you have questions about your existing NEM1 system, review the frequently asked questions about NEM1.

To apply for interconnection on the NEM successor (NEM2) tariff

System SizeProgramsHow to Apply

≤ 30 kw

NEMS (solar/wind Systems ≤ 30 kw)

≤ 30 kw

Modifications to previously approved NEMS systems (solar/wind Systems ≤ 30 kw)

> 30 kW
Including > 1MW

NEM2A (Aggregation)
NEMMT (multiple tariff)

To request a Pre-Application report

PG&E recommends requesting a pre-application before submitting an interconnection application. For more information, download PG&E’s Pre-Application Report Request (PDF, 113 KB).

Electing the Cost Envelope Option

To learn more about electing the Cost Envelope Option during the interconnection process, download PG&E’s Generator Interconnection Cost Envelope Option (PDF, 249 KB)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the NEM2 program

Frequently asked questions about NEM1