Enroll your ecobee using eco+

Get started on the app.

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Open your ecobee mobile app to set up eco+ for your home.

If you don’t see an eco+ invitation, select eco+ from the main menu on your home screen, and enable it.

If you've already enabled eco+, you can click on "Community Energy Savings" in your eco+ menu.

Select PG&E.

Once you’ve selected your utility, agree to terms and click "ok" on the Community Energy Savings screen to enroll in SmartAC™.

Enjoy the benefits.

That's it!

So what happens next? SmartAC will verify settings on your ecobee and confirm your eligibility. We’ll reach back out if we encounter any problems.

Your $75 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard will be sent 2-4 weeks after your eligibility is confirmed and you are enrolled in the program.

Opt-in for SmartAC Daily Savings using eco+

By enrolling in SmartAC Daily Savings, ecobee customers can take advantage of ecobee’s Time-of-Use feature to shift their heating and cooling use out of times when energy is more expensive. Enroll in Daily Savings through eco+.

Select the eco+ icon on the home screen of your ecobee app.

Enter eco+ settings and select “Time of Use.”

Not enrolled in eco+ yet? Learn how to enable it here.

Select your Time-of-Use rate plan from the rates listed.

Not sure if you’re enrolled in a Time-of-Use rate plan?

Click the information icon and follow the instructions to find your rate plan.

Save your Time-of-Use rate plan.

Once you save your Time-of-Use rate plan, just sit back and let eco+ and Daily Savings optimize your energy use.