Learn about the SmartAC program

You and your tenant can help prevent power interruptions during local or state energy supply emergencies through the SmartAC program. This page contains information about SmartAC requirements for landlords and property managers. The information can help you better understand how to work with your tenants as they enroll and participate in the program.

A tenant must have your written consent to participate in the SmartAC program.

Learn the program basics. Visit The Basics of the SmartAC™ Program.


Understand eligibility

Following are SmartAC eligibility requirements:

  • Each rental unit must have a standard central air conditioner (AC) or heat pump in suitable operating condition.
  • Each tenant must obtain a signed authorization form from you (the owner, property manager or landlord) before installation.
    Get a copy of the form online. Download Property Owner/Manager Authorization Form (PDF, 322 KB).
  • Life support and medical baseline customers do not qualify to participate.


Learn about SmartAC enrollment

Following are the steps for SmartAC™ program enrollment:

  1. Download the following forms:
  2. Authorize the Property Owner/Manager Authorization form.
  3. The tenant forwards the authorized form to PG&E. After receiving the form, PG&E contacts the tenant directly to arrange access.

Join SmartAC today

SmartAC benefits include:

  • Financial incentive.
  • Control over your comfort and participation.
  • Prevention of summer power interruptions.

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Manage your SmartAC device

If you are enrolled in SmartAC, you can manage your device.

Get SmartAC tech support

Receive SmartAC technical support in one of three easy ways: