Install a variable-speed pool filter pump or motor

Single family property owners

Complete and mail in a Residential Rebates Application PG&E Energy Efficiency Rebates for your Home (PDF, 462 KB) or apply online at Apply for Your eRebates.

All rebate program terms and conditions apply.


Multiple-unit property owners

Multiple-unit property owners should apply through the Multifamily Program.


Qualified Variable-speed Pool Pump/Motor Search

Search using the drop-down menu. Select a manufacturer to get a list. 

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NOTE: PG&E does not offer rebates to single-family residence customers for two-speed pumps. (California Title 20 Appliance Standards regulations do not allow).

Pump/Motor Manufacturer

DISCLAIMER: PG&E does not recommend specific vendors or products. This information is provided to help you locate a vendor. You are under no obligation to use any of these vendors or purchase their products. The vendors do not work for PG&E.

PLEASE NOTE: All variable-speed pumps and motors must be accompanied by a qualifying controller.