Handle outages when you’re using a life-support device

We know the importance of reliable electric and gas service; especially if you are using a life-support device. We make every effort to prevent outages. However, sometimes storms, equipment failure and other events cause outages to occur.

Please be prepared in case a temporary power outage occurs:

  • Keep emergency numbers on hand.
  • Have a backup phone that does not require electricity.
  • Use a battery-powered radio to get outage updates.
  • Have a flashlight with extra batteries handy.
  • Plan ahead for your life-support needs. Spend time with a friend or relative during an outage. Alternatively, plan to use a back up generator.


PLEASE NOTE: If you use a generator, you’re responsible for its safe installation. The use and maintenance of any backup power is also your responsibility.

Get additional information

For tips on how to prepare for an emergency, please contact us at 1-866-652-4712. Speech or hard of hearing customers using TDD/TTY can dial California Relay Service at 7-1-1 FREE. You can also download a copy of our Electric Generator Safety brochure.

Visit Electric Generator Safety

Receive notice of planned interruptions

PG&E tries to notify you if your service will be interrupted. Interruptions may be due to:


  • Planned maintenance
  • Planned repairs
  • Planned construction
  • Rolling blackouts

Rolling blackouts are caused by electric power shortages or electric power grid emergencies. If you experience a rolling blackout, tune your radio to a local station for updates.


Blackouts typically last between one to four hours. It’s a good idea to know your Rotating Outage Block Number. This number is on the left side of your bill. News reports use this number to identify which blocks are experiencing a blackout.


NOTE: This number can change. Check your bill regularly to see if you've been assigned to a different block.

Be aware of possible unplanned interruptions

We cannot give you advance notice of unscheduled power interruptions. Such interruptions are typically caused by:


  • Storms.
  • Accidents.
  • Vandalism.
  • Equipment failure.

PG&E will do everything in our power to help avoid any inconvenience to you.