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PG&E developed Share My Data in response to a White House call to action that challenged utility companies to provide customers with their energy usage information in an easy-to-use format. This initiative, originally called Green Button, makes detailed energy usage information available in a standardized file format. The goal is to empower customers by raising awareness of energy usage and to encourage companies to develop new, innovative customer-focused applications.

Who can benefit from Share My Data?

Commercial customers

You can access energy usage and account information for commercial buildings, whether single properties, multiple sites or large campuses throughout the PG&E service territory.

Residential customers

You can access your energy usage information directly, or share it with third-party companies who can help you better understand your usage and identify opportunities for energy savings.

Universities and researchers

All PG&E customers are eligible to participate in Share My Data, so you can access energy usage and billing information for a very large number of California residents.

Software vendors

Share My Data is fully compliant with the Energy Service Provider Interface (ESPI) standard, giving you a common format to access energy information nationally and internationally.

Energy start-ups

Our customers' energy usage and billing information for the past four years (in most cases) is available for you to incorporate into your innovative applications and services.

Solar companies

You can access the direct energy consumption history for PG&E customers interested in solar installations and accurately demonstrate the impact of going solar.

Community Choice Aggregators

Direct energy usage and billing information for your community is available through Share My Data at no charge.

Demand Response

Better understand an individual PG&E customer's energy consumption habits and maximize their energy savings through detailed analysis.

Electric vehicles

Provide energy usage analysis based on actual PG&E customer data so that your customers can prepare for purchasing an electric vehicle.

And many more

The uses for energy consumption and PG&E customer billing information are only limited by your imagination (and a few terms and conditions). Be innovative!

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