What is Share My Data?

Share My Data is the next generation of the Green Button Connect My Data® tool.

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What are the benefits of Share My Data?

Customers no longer have to log in to their online account to repeatedly download and send Green Button files. Instead, once a customer authorizes your company to access their PG&E account data, the transfer is handled automatically and repeatedly using standards-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The Share My Data platform packages up the customer’s data, notifies your system when the data is ready and securely sends it.

Share my data process

Who can use Share My Data?

  • Commercial customers
  • Residential customers
  • Universities and researchers
  • Software vendors
  • Energy start-ups
  • Solar companies
  • Community Choice Aggregators
  • Demand Response
  • Electric vehicles
  • And many more

What are the benefits?

Reliable data access

Consistent, reliable data access through APIs. No need to "screen scrape" or download data anymore.

Standard APIs

Nationally recognized standard Energy Service Provider Interface API format for interoperability with other energy providers.

Billing and account

PG&E customers can authorize access to their billing and account information as well.

Data quantity and quality

Access all usage and billing data from a single source.

Electricity and gas

Share My Data includes PG&E customer interval data for both electricity and gas usage.

Open innovation

Use cases are limited only by your imagination (and a few terms and conditions).

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