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Gather information

Before you begin the registration process, be sure you have the following information on hand:

  • Tax ID: Your 9-digit U.S. Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Business and Technical Contact Information
  • OAuth 2.0 Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs): The Share My Data Platform utilizes OAuth 2.0 protocol for authorization. If the User Type you selected requires three-legged OAuth to access data, you will need to provide valid URIs before we can accept your registration
    Learn more about testing details
  • URI: You will need to provide a Notification URI so that our systems can notify you when your requested data is ready
    Learn more about data access
  • Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS): You will need to obtain a valid HTTPS certificate
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Register for access

The Share My Data registration process allows you to identify yourself to PG&E as a company—or other entity—that would like to access customer-authorized data and set up access to our APIs.

There are four distinct user types for Share My Data. Select the appropriate user type for your requested access.

  • Standard User: A standard third-party user.
    • Registration Type: Standalone.
  • Self-Access User: An individual—or representative for an entity—requesting access to your own data.
  • Energy-Efficiency Finance: An organization that provides services related to on-bill repayment, on-bill finance or residential energy-efficiency finance programs.
  • Community Choice Aggregator: A registered Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) in PG&E's service territory. To review the list of currently registered CCAs, please visit Community Choice Aggregation

Once you have gathered all of the required elements, register on the Share My Data API portal

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Provide your Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate

Data requests and responses are made using the HTTPS protocol and are authenticated via a two-way certificate exchange with PG&E. You will need to implement security certificates for secure inbound and outbound API communications.

You will also need to maintain unexpired, unrevoked RSA certificates with a public key length of at least 2048 bits. The SSL Certificate is a prerequisite to completing the testing, so please make sure that your certificate is ready and available. PG&E currently supports only SHA-2 certificates issued by reputable certificate authorities (PG&E does not accept self-signed certificates), including the following:

  • AddTrust
  • Comodo
  • DigiCert
  • Entrust
  • GlobalSign
  • Go Daddy
  • USERTrust
  • VeriSign
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Review and submit registration and accept terms and conditions

As a user of Share My Data, you are required to agree to PG&E’s Share My Data Terms and Conditions, as well as acknowledge the California Public Utilities Commission’s privacy rules.

Download Share My Data Platform Terms and Conditions (PDF, 175 KB)

Download Privacy and Security Protections For Energy Usage Data (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Confirm email address

Upon submitting your online registration form, we will send an email to the business contact email address provided. This is to confirm that we have your correct contact information. Please select the link contained in this email within five days of receipt. If you don't, you will need to resubmit the online registration form. Once you have confirmed your email address, we will process your registration.

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Complete testing

The purpose of testing is to verify that you are able to connect to our systems. Once we have reviewed your registration information, we will send an email informing you that you can begin testing. There are three components to the overall testing process:

  • API Connectivity Testing
  • OAuth Testing
  • Application Information Resource Request

Continue to Testing Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete testing within 90 days of receiving the notification.

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Once testing is complete, you will receive a confirmation email that testing has been successfully completed. After a final review, the status of your registration will be moved to Approved. At this point, you can access data and, if your user type authorizes you to access a customer’s data, the customer will be able to provide you with authorization. Additionally, customers authorizing the release of their data will be able to see that your organization has access. If you wish to disable customer visibility, you may do so from within the third-party portal.

To learn about the authorization process, please visit the Customer Authorization Overview page.

Go to Authorization Details

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