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Share My Data is the next generation of the Green Button Connect My Data® tool. Share My Data enables you to share your energy usage with approved third-party companies. There are two ways to share data with a company. You can share your data when you register with a third-party company, or you can authorize a company to access your data using your PG&E online account.

Share via a third-party company

Some companies have integrated the authorization process into their websites, registration and other online processes. Oftentimes, these companies will provide a link so you can share your PG&E data with them directly. You will be redirected to your PG&E online account, and once you’ve completed the required steps within your account, you’ll automatically be redirected back to the company’s website.

Share your data using the following steps through your online account:

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Once you log in to your online account, choose "Share My Data"

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From the Welcome page, utilize “Add New Authorization” to select the company with which you want to share data

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How to make changes to an existing authorization
Note that you can also view any existing authorizations that you have already made in this screen. Utilize the Pencil icon to modify the details of the authorization (what's being shared, duration, etc.) or utilize 'X' icon to cancel/delete an authorization. Please note: Additional Service IDs cannot be added to an existing authorization. You must cancel existing authorization and create a new one.

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Authorize access to your data, review the Terms and Conditions and submit your request

From this page, you will provide the details as to what data you want to release and choose the individual sets of data to release to an approved company.

Options are:

  • Basic Information: Name and Service Address
  • Billing Information: Billing records, billing history, billing and meter read dates, rate schedule and voltage class
  • Account Information: Account number(s), service agreement number(s) and service start date
  • Usage Information: Electric and/or Gas usage data used for bill calculations and, when available, interval usage and interval time-of-use (TOU) indicators

Next, you will want to select the service IDs associated with your account that you would like to share. As with the data sets, you can choose to Select All, or pick and choose which service IDs you'd like to share.

After selecting the Service IDs, you will need to identify the duration of the authorization. You can choose to share your data indefinitely, or utilize the calendar to define the duration of the authorization. Note that you can always modify the duration in the future.

Click 'Submit' when you're done defining the details of the authorization.

Download Share My Data Customer Terms and Conditions (PDF, 97 KB)

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You should receive an email confirmation that you have completed the authorization process

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