How to access your own data

To gain access to information about your energy usage, you need to go through a registration process, which includes connectivity testing to our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and select your service IDs. At this point you'll be able to utilize the Share My Data APIs to access your usage information.

Get Started

The first steps for PG&E customers wishing to access their own information through Share My Data are nearly identical to those for third-party companies. PG&E has put together a comprehensive Get Started guide you can follow to gain access. Once you’ve completed the steps within the Get Started guide, come back here and continue with the final two steps listed below.

Select Service IDs You Want to Access

Once you complete registration and successfully pass connectivity testing, select which Service IDs you want to access by logging in to your PG&E online account. Use the same PG&E ID provided during registration, and select the "Share My Data" link.

  1. This will take you to the Share My Data welcome page. On this page, select "I want to create a new authorization."
  2. A drop-down list of available companies will appear under your username. Select your PG&E username from the drop-down menu and select “next.” Then select the Service IDs and the date range you want to access. Once you submit the authorization, you'll be able to access your data.

Access Your Data

As a registered self-access user of Share My Data, you are assigned a unique Client Access Token, retrieved as part of connectivity testing. Using the Client Access Token, you can retrieve the Authorization resource at, which will provide a bulk resource URL and unique Bulk ID assigned to you (e.g.,{BulkID}) to be used for retrieving usage data for all authorized self-selected service IDs.

After selecting your service IDs and authorizing self-access, you can request your usage data by using the Client Access Token to make a request for usage data against the bulk request url.

Get more information about Share My Data: Data access

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