Ensure that our monthly meter readers can access your system

PG&E meter readers make every effort to read your meters monthly. You may want to know when we're coming so that you can plan accordingly. Sometimes, you must provide our meter readers access to your system.

Follow these steps to learn the dates that we plan to visit and read your meter:

  1. Locate the Service Information section on the right side of your PG&E monthly statement, and find your corresponding serial letter in first or last column on the table.
  2. Learn the dates that we plan to visit by viewing the row that matches your serial letter in the following table:

    PG&E's 2023 Meter Reading Schedule

    PG&E's 2022 meter reading schedule
    • In the table above, locate your Serial Letter in the Serial column (2).
    • In the same row as your Serial Letter, locate the date we will read your meter(s) each month. (September 29 in the example above)(3).

PLEASE NOTE: We plan to read your meter on the date shown on the schedule. The date may shift to an earlier or later date, due to business considerations.