Save money by shifting some daily electricity use to lower-priced times

As a PG&E customer, you can choose between several rate plans, including two plans that are based on how much energy you use and when you use it. By shifting some of your electricity use to lower-priced times, when demand for energy is generally lower, you can lower your bill and support a healthier environment. These rate plans are best for customers who can be flexible about when they use energy.

There are two Time-of-Use rate plans available to you:

Learn how Time-of-Use rates vary by time of day

On Time-of-Use rate plans, the price of energy depends on the time of day. Prices are lower when demand for energy is generally lower and the cost to supply energy is less expensive.

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Switch rate plans

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NOTE: The E6 Time-of-Use rate plan was closed to new customers on May 31, 2016. All customers enrolled in the E6 rate plan may remain on the rate through 2022. To learn more please visit E6 Closure.