What is the High Usage Surcharge?

Beginning in March 2017, a new mandated High Usage Surcharge will be introduced. Its purpose is to encourage energy conservation among customers whose electricity use is far higher than typical households.

The High Usage Surcharge is an increased price per kilowatt hour (kWh) on any electricity usage that exceeds four times the customer's Tier 1 (Baseline) Allowance.

Based on recent analysis, less than 10% of residential customers will likely incur the High Usage Surcharge.

Understanding your energy statement and reducing your energy usage can help you avoid this surcharge.

How to read an energy statement (FAQ)

Will you be impacted by the Surcharge?

The High Usage Surcharge applies only to customers on a Tiered Rate Plan (E1) who exceed four times their Tier 1 (Baseline) Allowance.

Each customer on a tiered rate plan has an allowance of electricity that is charged at the lowest possible price; this is called Tier 1 or your Baseline Allowance. The High Usage Surcharge is applied if a customer uses more than four times their Tier 1 (Baseline) Allowance in a monthly billing period.

Learn how to conserve energy and money

We provide tips and tools to help you use less energy and reduce your risk of incurring the High Usage Surcharge.

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Sign up for High Usage Alerts

Sign up for High Usage Alerts

Get notified when you’re at risk of incurring the High Usage Surcharge, so you can take immediate steps to curb your energy use and avoid the surcharge.

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Note: The feature is not currently available for CCA customers.

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